Wasteless City

Wasteless City is a hands-on design workshop that focuses on how to recycle, reuse and rethink our relationship with plastic.

Plastic packaging is the largest contributor to plastic pollution. More than 90% of all plastic packaging is made from only four types of thermoplastics (PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP,).

Wasteless City investigates these four types of commodity plastics and examines the ability of low- and high tech- fabrication methods to provide new solutions for plastic recycle and develop concepts that follow the principles of circular economy

During the workshop, 32 participants, from the department of Architecture of Hong Kong Design Institute, approached design in a hands-on manner and a special focus on material circularity. They focused on possible urban interventions in the city of Rotterdam and at the same time recycled and reprocessed plastic with DIY tools, domestic appliances and traditional fabrication techniques.

Wasteless City was organized and produced by The New Raw for the Honk Kong Design Institute during the visit of the 2nd year architectural students in the city of Rotterdam (21-22 Nov 2016).

Panos Sakkas, The New Raw
Foteini Setaki, The New Raw, TU Delft
Chan Kwan Yue, Hong Kong Design Institute
Ting Yan Mok, Hong Kong Design Institute

Special thanks to:
AVR waste management center
RAP studio
Recycled Park

Lectures by:
Laura C. Klauss (Better Future Factory)
Ramon Knoester (Recycled Park)
Floris Schiferli (SuperUse Studios)
Frans Taminiau (Community Plastics)

Filmed by SD dimitrismeletis.com
Music: bensound.com