3D Printing in the Circular City


3D Printing in the Circular City explores the potential to provide an innovative way to reduce the municipal waste volume through recycling household plastics waste, locally with large scale 3D-printing.
Local plastic waste streams are examined and assessed to define their utilization patterns and recycling potential. A selection of materials are tested in the laboratories of TU Delft to assess their mechanical properties. The results of the tests are used to produce a large-scale prototype. For this project, the construction site of the world’s first 3D-Print Canal House acts as a living lab for plastic waste recovery and upcycle.
The first results which are demonstrated in a 1:1 scale prototype of a bench show good potential for the use of recycled plastic in large scale 3d printing.

The project is supported by AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) and is realized together with a multidisciplinary consortium, consisting of:
TU Delft
House of DUS
AEB Amsterdam

Research period Jan 2016 -Jan 2017